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Interview - Carcitypilot31

Posted by SkilledFella - 6 days ago

@SkilledFella - @Carcitypilot31

Q: How did you discover Newgrounds?

A: Although I'm not really sure how I discovered the site officially, but if I were to guess, it would be from randomly surfing the internet when I was a kid (I had unsupervised access, so I was finding all sorts of crazy stuff.)

Q: A story behind the name Carcitypilot31?

A: There's this website for Goldfish crackers called Goldfish Fun, one feature they used to have was that you could create an account and earn achievements from games and such. You weren't able to create your own username, you instead had to create one via a selection of different words, so I randomly chosen Carcitypilot31. This was around 2016.

Q: How did you get interested in making art?

A: When I was a kid, just like a lot of people, I grew up watching cartoons, like Spongebob, Looney Tunes, Wander Over Yonder, etc. I also liked reading MAD magazine (and I still do), I loved looking at the illustrations and had some of my favorite artists (Don Martin, Jack Davis, Will Elder, Basil Wolverton), I even made my own version of MAD called WAD. At school, I would draw random doodles of Oobi and the Backyardigans and make comics with them. Later, I would become obsessive with Hanna Barbera and I would draw the characters all the time.

Q: How did you get interested in making animations?

A: When I got my first computer, I would watch animations of Hoops and YoYo, some BFDI and it's many copycats, those weird Elsagate stuff (yes, I actually watched that kind of stuff), clips of old cartoons, just to name a few. Sometimes, little me would think "I want to make my own animations!". Although it took a while to actually learn animation, I would improve later on.

Q: What is a collab for you?

A: A collab is where a group of people get together and make one big project to show off their talents. Honestly, it's fun participating in them, It's nice to see people work together to make something.

Q: Do you like making content?

A: I love making content! Whenever I have a thought in my head, I would draw it out or make a cartoon about it, something like a MAD-esque parody of PaRappa or something. One thing I love doing is commercial parodies. In fact, one of my parodies "Charmin Basic Supermarket Madness", is the second most popular video on my YouTube channel!

Q: Do you have any experience with Newgrounds?

A: Yeah, it's nice seeing other's works and art styles and such. I love looking for art styles I like, so this site's like a goldmine for that!

Q: Any advice for people?

A: My advice would be to do your best. Even if you think your art's bad, that fine, keep trying! Be sure to listen to other critiques to help improve your art (not a lot of artists do that, though). Keep practicing, too, the more you do, the better. Like they say: Practice makes perfect!



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